Mike Milne

I have been in the service industry since I got of high school. I spent four years as a hospital corpsman during Vietnam taking care of the wounded as well as civilians. After the navy, I taught in a private high school teaching algebra, science, Bible, tennis, and driver’s ed. I left teaching to go back to the hospital working as nursing assistant then eventually going back to college for a degree in Nursing. While in college I transferred from Navy reserve to the Army reserve, during my time in the Army Reserve I was activated for DesertShield/DesertStorm again serving my country this time in charge of 250 enlisted personnel in Saudi Arabia and throughout that campaign.

I have been in the financial services industry for over twenty-five years in various capacities and it has always been about what is best for those that were in my care. We are a financial services company that approaches things in a holistic way so that we can help our clients build an impenetrable wall around them and their assets. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in we have the strategies, the team, expertise and wisdom to work for our clients. We specialize in showing people how to take control of their financial picture and how they can build wealth for both individuals and especially the small business owner.