What Makes Us Different

There are a lot of financial advisors that claim to be different but what is it
that separates us from most or really makes us different?

The following characteristics is what we think that makes us difference;

  • Our Holistic approach. The word Holistic is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Our belief is, if we don’t understand what your goals and desires are before we start talking about your investments then it will be impossible for us to meet your goals and desires or make it our focus. The whole is you, your family, your dreams, and desires and how they come together to impact that which is most important to you. Whether it is education, retirement, selling a business, retiring debt, your health, taxes, and a lot of other things, just how will these things effect what you do. We believe everything needs it be understood and comprehended because it is all connected.

  • We are completely independent. As a RIA (Register Investment Advisor) we are not tied to any broker dealer and it also means our advice is truly objective. It also means there is no proprietary products or managers to promote. We do not sell product, we offer a service!

  • We serve as Fiduciaries for our clients, whether it is for retirement account or an individual account or a family office; we do it all with the client’s benefit in mind.

  • Most everything we do is fee based, everything is disclosed upfront and open, nothing hidden. Putting us on the same side of the clients.

  • Because of the diverse backgrounds from our working history we bring a broad area of experience to cover a multitude of concerns. Since we are completely independent, we utilize the best professionals in their field of concerns to be involved in all our processes. We are independent, but we don’t go it alone, we have professional partnerships and relationships that can meet most people’s needs. Together we have over 42 years of combined experience in the financial world.

  • We offer a diverse array of financial instruments and strategies, from income to growth instruments that are correlated to the market and instruments that are not correlated to the market. These non-correlated instruments are called, alternative investments.

  • Every plan we put together is individualized and specific to your needs. We believe that generic plans won’t help you achieve your goals and objectives. These strategies also include tax efficient strategies which we think should always be a part of your investment portfolio.

  • We are active managers which means; we are actively involved in the investments and strategies that are executed in the plan that is constructed. We do the research, implement strategies, and follow the plans until changes are needed.