We serve small businesses

Many of our family clients also own businesses. As employers, they are concerned with offering competitive and high-quality retirement plan options for their employees.

In any economic and market environment, it’s critical to keep your focus. We help you select the right combination of retirement plan options to fit your business culture and maximize top talent retention along with attractive group options for all employees.

Modeled after our family office wealth management approach, our small business services offer you a robust menu of options. Further, we position those services as a component of your entire wealth management strategy to ensure a consummate wealth management process—family to business, business to family.

Through Ocala Capital LLC, you can customize your retirement plan options to fit your firm’s culture and a broad range of your employee’s needs. Within four basic categories, we offer traditional options and deliver them in bespoke fashion.

Side by side with you, we compare each type of plan and executive compensation with your peers and we guide you in establishing corporate governance best practices. We help you design appropriate executive equity ownership linked to measurable performance. We also take the burden of compliance off of your shoulders.

Your NQDC Plan

The market landscape for top executives is becoming increasingly competitive. It’s no longer enough to provide a good salary. Clarity of vision, profitability, growth of market share, and innovative products are key components of the arsenal you need to not only attract the best talent, but also to keep it. We work side-by-side with you to negotiate compensation packages from a position of strength.

Our sister company, American Executive Benefits, was founded to help small business owners stay current in an increasingly competitive compensation landscape. One of the most flexible ways to do that is with a Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Plan.

Your NQDC plan can set you apart. We’ve mapped out what we call our ‘3-R’ formula to design the most effective NQDC strategy to fit your needs.

Key employees may quickly max out 401(K) contribution limits based on top-heavy testing. Enabling them to increase their retirement savings or to take care of other targeted financial needs with the flexibility of a NQDC plan can help them save taxes now and set aside funds they will need later. And the Board of Directors Plan can allow key employees to defer up to 100% of their income. NQDC plans can be powerful tools for your business. And they can be designed to fit your business culture and specific employee needs.